2021 FW New Product│Emy

A dignified appearance with a

Charming Smile

new leather

Refined Milling Leather


One touch to open and close bag

Accordian design for extra storage capacity

Nubuck Leather for a more luxurious touch

Minimalistic design with minimal metal parts

Enhanced bag curve with easy to carry top-handle


Listening to the voice of materials and giving them life through the hands of our craftsmen.

A beautiful harmony woven in developing countries.


Patiant and coolheaded. He never says, "I can't do it," and is always willing to try, even if he has never done it before.


He is always surrounded by his friends and is a sportsman who enjoys playing soccer and cricket on holidays. Despite his playful side, his attitude changes when he is at work and approaches every product with seriousiness and dedication.


The youngest leader amongst the four. Although usually quiet, he is highly motivated to learn and has high expectations of his team members. He is also proactive and willing to try difficult new techniques as quickly as possible.


He is the longest-serving craftsman among the leaders. He has a very strong sense of team spirit and is very supportive of his team members. He has a deep knowledge of the factory's history and is in charge of training new staff.

New York Fashion Week

Pantone Color FW21/22

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